PEM ED is an acronym for: Pediatric Emergency Medicine an Educational and Directional Podcast for the general emergency medicine physician.  It is a truly distinctive audio program designed to give the general emergency medicine practitioner an in-depth review of key concepts paramount to the care of the pediatric patient in an emergency department setting. 

Every other month the PEM ED Podcast will cover a topic in one of three formats.  The goal of this program is to provide the general emergency medicine practitioner a “nuts and bolts” approach to pediatric emergency medical care in one of three styles which are an interview with a pediatric subspecialist, a case-presentation/topic review, or traditional lecture.   It is my belief that the best way to retain information is to keep the length between 20 to 30 minutes whenever possible. Anything longer is rarely remembered.  Occasionally a topic may call for more time, but I will try and keep it to this format or break the topic up.

You will find the PEM ED Podcast to give you the most up-to-date and practical approach to topics.   Show notes will be provided in a PDF-PDA friendly format.