child abuse

Child Abuse

It is hard to put into words or even imagine the concept of someone intentionally hurting a child, but it happens more frequently than we'd like to believe.  In this episode, I had the privilege of discussing some of the cornerstone exam findings and history flags for occult abuse with Marci Donaruma-Kowh, MD a child abuse expert from the Baylor College of Medicine ~ Texas Children's Hospital.  This episode will change the lens you view your pediatric patients through; even with those who have what appears to be the most mundane of injuries.  Unfortunately, abuse is not always overt and Dr. Donaruma is an expert in identifying the subtleties of this diagnosis, nailing the perpetrator, and making sure they go away for a long-long time...

If you know of a child that is being abused call the police now.  If you would like to refer a case and you are in the Houston area please click here: Children's Assessment Center.