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Pediatric ECG Basics ~ Part 2

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Our resident cardiologist Dr. Buck Kyle completes the second part of his lecture series on pediatric ECG reading.  This time we get into the most common cardiac disease processes that occur in the pediatric population.  What’s black and white and read all over??? OK, yes the newspaper, but ECGs are too....don’t steal my punch lines.....

Pediatric (and some adult) ECG Basics

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The Squiggly Line Rule: The more squiggly lines in the outline/border lines of a state, the cooler/more fun it is to live in that state. In, for example, the state of California, the squiggly lines are found on the coastline adjacent to the pacific ocean ~ Urban Dictionary

It also happens to be true that if you are an electrocardiogramophile than the more abundant the squigglies, the more stimulating and salacious the ECG is to read (and you probably have eroticism issues).  While it is also true that if you do not find electrocardiogram interruption to be lascivious than you probably find it to be frustrating (and you may have ECG performance issues).  Either way, have I got a tonic for you.  It cures all of the above (except the obvious sexual innuendo problems, you need to see a therapist for that soon). 

In this episode, we start a two part series on the basics of pediatric ECG interruption with Dr. Buck Kyle, pediatric cardiologist and electrocardiogram aficionado.  Sit back and relax as Dr. Kyle makes everything clear and really...see the therapist soon......