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Fever of Unknown Source - Part 2

In this episode we complete our discussion on “Fever Without a Source” in the 2-3 month old population and also cover the 3-month plus age group.  Again Dr. Andrea Cruz a subspecialist in emergency medicine and infectious disease at The Texas Children’s Hospital gives us some further insight into when and how to work these kids up.

Full disclosure: The author on two of the articles below is LCDR Sherry Rudinsky who is an old navy friend of mine.  We were interns together and then attended the same Naval Flight School class.  Dr. Carstairs is also an aquantaince; she was a resident when I was a Navy Surgical Intern.  I was stationed at the Naval Medical Center San Diego when they were collecting their data, but I had no part in this study.  They are simply dang good reads so check them out.

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Fever Algorithm

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Rudinsky SL, Carstairs KL, Reardon JM, Simon LV, Riffenburgh RH, Tanen DA. Serious bacterial infections in febrile infants in the post-pneumococcal conjugate vaccine era. Acad Emerg Med. 2009 Jul;16(7):585-90. Epub 2009 Jun 15. PubMed PMID: 19538500.\

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Podcast 3 - Fever of Unknown Source Part Two

Fever of Unknown Source - Part 1

Just in time for the winter season.....

Have you seen a bunch of snot-nose kids with fever recently?  Do you want to put a needle in their back?  Better yet, do you not want to put a needle in their back, but feel really guilty about it?

I sat down with Texas Children’s very own Dr. Andrea Cruz who is triple boarded in pediatrics, pediatric emergency medicine and pediatric infectious disease to talk about fever without a source in neonates/infants and who really needs that LP.

There are so many pearls here that I am going to break  this into 2 podcasts.  Enjoy part one now and don’t forget to check out the link to my “fever without a source” algorithm link below.   

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