Calcium Channel Blockers, Beta Blockers and Undifferentiated Hypotension....OH MY!


One of the most sphincter tightening overdoses to deal with in adults and pediatrics is the CCB overdose.  In this podcast I cover all the treatments that work, don't work, and you would think should work to give you a recipe for success.  Hold on to your insulin; it's not just for diabetics and critically ill patients anymore.  Intralipids???  How the heck does that help???  Well you need to tune in to find out......

CCB/BB/Undifferentiated Show Notes

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Hypotension Slide

Undifferentiated Hypotension and the Modified RUSH Exam

This is my simplistic take on hypotension (ie. shock) in pediatric patients.  All you need is an ultrasound, fluids and a basic understanding of the physiology.  

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 Undifferentiated Hypotension Slide

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Podcast 1 - Und Hypotension & Mod RUSH